Trylon Cinema Theater Rental



Host your own screening at the Trylon!

The Trylon is available for rental on most Thursday evenings and on Saturday afternoons before 6. With a limited number of rental slots available we recommend booking reservations well in advance.


$160/hr for the time the theater is open to your guests.
$40/hr for set-up and testing time. 


Each screening will accommodate a maximum of 90 people.

The Trylon Cinema can project material from a renter provided blu-ray, DVD, or DCP hard drive. For an additional fee we can project 35mm film or download a DCP project. Email with technical questions.

If you’re renting the Trylon to show a film you made (congratulations!) and you want to sell tickets, we can help with that, with a processing cost of $1 each.

Request a proposal.

To request a rental proposal, contact Your request should include your full name, address, phone number, email address. We’ll also need the name of your proposed film, running time, projection format (DVD, Blu-ray, DCP or 35mm), date(s) requested, and any special requests. If the film is your own, include a link to your website, we especially like watching trailers.