Trylon Discount Card


Five Trylon admissions for just $30. Details below. It’s a pretty good deal.

Shipping: $2 for any order of small items, $6 for any order of small and medium items, $8 for any order with some large items. Or pick up for free at the Trylon Cinema box office.



What are Trylon Discount Cards?

TRYLON Discount Cards: a $30 for 5 tickets punch card

Our regular pricing is $8/show, discount cards are a $10 savings!

Tickets can be claimed 1 or 2 at a time. They cannot be used to reserve seats in advance, but are presented at the box office up to 30 minutes before show time.

Discount cards are good for one year from date of issue at any screening listed on this website, including shows at the Heights and Riverview, unless otherwise noted in the screening description. Screenings with live music have a $4 surcharge.

Temporary pandemic 2020 policy: cards that were valid as of March 2020 are valid through December 2021. Cards sold during the pandemic do not expire.