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Trylon Club Subscription

$30.00 / 3 months

For $30 every three months, you’ll receive a mailed program guide, AND a $30 Trylon discount card (at the start of February/May/August/November), AND a bunch of things we haven’t entirely worked out yet. We work on a “shock and awe” basis around here.

Shipping is free, so when you check out, please don’t select the “local pick-up” option. I know you think you’re making things cheaper for us, which is cool (and thank you) but…it’s actually difficult to keep track of those orders, while it’s easy to send out hundreds of Trylon Club envelopes in a batch.



How does a Trylon membership work?

Your $30 every three months is a continual source of income that helps pay our staff, cover the rent, and continue our most ambitious programming. It is also a way for us to build our community.

For less than the cost of four walk-up Trylon Cinema tickets, you get five admissions and a conveniently mailed program guide. Will there be other benefits? We plan to offer secret screenings, special swag, and other perks to members. Plus, discount cards are transferable, so if you end up with a few too many cards (like that’s even possible) you can always give a card as a gift to what we like to think of as “a future regular”.

Every three months, your form of payment will be charged $30. And every time we release a new program guide (February/May/August/November) we will mail you the program along with a fresh 5 ticket discount card. This offer requires a paypal account to set up, and you can cancel through paypal at any time.

Leaving town? Fed up with our programming choices? (kidding) To end your subscription, visit paypal at:

Q: Can I gift a membership?
A: Yes.

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