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(1955, DCP, 99m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine, Edmund Gwenn. Unsuccessful in its day, this black comedy about a group of hapless small-town folk hiding a body is now considered a classic—and years ahead of its time. At the Trylon! SUN 7:00 MON/TUE 7:00 9:00

Showings: Apr. 28 7:00, Apr. 29 7:00, 9:00, Apr. 30 7:00, 9:00


Join Tape Freaks as they present movies they love to audiences who don’t know what they’re in for until the title hits the screen! Shows are at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Tickets are $5. For more details, check out 7:00 $5


(1926, 35mm, 95m) dir King Vidor w/Lillian Gish, John Gilbert, Renée Adorée. In the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 1830s, seamstress Mimi (Gish) and playwright Rodolphe (Gilbert) are unable to pay the rent. Brought together by their struggles, Mimi and Rodolphe share a tenuous love. Trylon discount cards will be accepted at the door […]


(1972, DCP, 116m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Jon Finch, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Barry Foster. When hot-tempered bartender Richard (Finch) loses his job, he mopes around London, eventually visiting his ex-wife to cadge a tenner. The visit turns sour, they argue, and he storms away. Soon after, she’s visited by the gruesome Necktie Murderer, who leaves her dead—and […]


(1940, 35mm, 124m) dirs James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe Jr. w/Mickey Mouse, The Philadelphia Orchestra. Disney’s extraordinary technical achievement is a stunning symphony of light and sound that comprises eight pieces conducted by the great Leopold Stokowski. Eschewing the regular narrative formula, Fantasia is a marvel of experimental animation. These screenings are presented in […]

Showings: May. 3 7:00, 9:30, May. 4 7:00, 9:30, May. 5 3:00, 5:30


(1974, DCP, 118m, English & German w/English subtitles) dir Liliana Cavani w/Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, Philippe Leroy, Isa Miranda. Lucia (Rampling), a concentration camp survivor, recognizes her tormentor, Max (Bogarde), an ex-SS officer now working as a porter, and rekindles their sadomasochistic relationship. Night Porter is a brilliant but bleak and unsettling character study. SUN […]

Showings: May. 5 8:00, May. 6 7:00, 9:15, May. 7 7:00, 9:15


(2022, USA, DCP, 92m) dir Vera Drew. This revolutionary DIY parody film and hilarious reimagining of the classic autobiographical coming-of-age story follows an unconfident, closeted trans girl as she moves to Gotham City to make it big as a comedian by joining the cast of UCB Live – a government-sanctioned late night sketch show in […]

Showings: May. 8 7:00, 9:15, May. 9 7:00, 9:15


(1971, DCP, 90m) dir Herbert Ross w/Candice Bergen, Peter Boyle, James Caan. Leaving her small, lonely Ohio town in the middle of the night, the droll T. R. (Bergen) finds herself, or rather loses and then tries to refind herself, in the emotionally desolate big city of Chicago. New Restoration!  FRI 7:00 SAT 9:15 SUN […]

Showings: May. 10 7:00, May. 11 9:15, May. 12 3:00


(1977, DCP, 111m) dir Herbert Ross w/Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Quinn Cummings. Paula (Mason) and her daughter, Lucy (Cummings), are all set for Los Angeles but get dumped and left behind. Their current apartment has already been sublet to eccentric actor Elliot (Dreyfuss). After making the somewhat forced decision to become roommates, the three clash […]

Showings: May. 10 9:00, May. 11 7:00, May. 12 5:00


(1974, DCP, 105m) dir John Boorman w/Charlotte Rampling, Sean Connery, Sara Kestelman. “The gun is good! The penis is evil!” So says Zardoz, the flying stone-headed god worshiped by the Brutals and the Exterminators alike in the postapocalyptic twenty-third century. After infiltrating jaded immortals, Exterminator Zed (Connery) learns the secret of Zardoz and promises to […]

Showings: May. 12 7:30, May. 13 7:00, 9:15, May. 14 7:00, 9:15


(1994, DVD, 83m) dir Reginald Hudlin, Warrington Hudlin and Kevin Rodney Sullivan. From the creators of House Party and Boomerang, Reginald and Warrington Hudlin take you on a journey with host George Clinton to a place where alternate realities exist. America offers wealth and prosperity in exchange for all Black people. A sacred statue comes […]


(1960, Mexico, 91m, Spanish with English subtitles) dir Roberto Gavaldón w/ Ignacio López Tarso, Pina Pellicer, Enrique Lucero. Macario is a woodcutter so tired of sacrificing his meager portions that he goes on a hunger strike, announcing he will never eat again until he can devour a roast turkey all by himself. His wife, a […]


(2023, USA, 80m) dir Harmony Korine w/ Joshua Tilley, Dustin Greer, Devon James, Jordi Molla, Travis Scott. In the seedy domain of Miami’s criminal underbelly, a seasoned hitman embarks on the relentless pursuit of his next target. Shot entirely through thermal lens, he navigates a twisted world where violence and madness reign supreme. Tensions unravel, […]

Showings: May. 17 7:00, 9:00


(35mm/DCP, 480m) The Cult Film Collective and the Trylon, the folks who bring you the Horrorthon, team up again for a marathon of mullets, bullets, stunts, and mayhem! Join us for rare 35mm prints, new restorations, trailers, cartoons, and more! Posters and buttons from the freaks at Tape Freaks for those who make it all […]


(1969, DCP, 154m, Italian & German w/English subtitles) dir Luchino Visconti w/Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, Ingrid Thulin, Helmut Griem. At the dawn of the Third Reich, Baron Von Essenbeck, a wealthy industrialist, invites his family to dinner. Visconti’s lurid paragon lays bare the corruption, decadence, and incestuousness of Nazi Germany. SUN 3:00 6:00 MON/TUE 7:00 […]

Showings: May. 19 3:00, 6:00, May. 20 7:00, May. 21 7:00


The May program of Mizna Film Series: Feminist Visions presents a retrospective of Atteyat El-Abnoudy’s work. Often considered Egypt’s pioneer documentary filmmaker and “filmmaker of the poor,” El-Abnoudy’s oeuvre maps the intersections of class, labor, and gender in Egypt, largely through the perspectives of women. With training in law, journalism, and filmmaking, El-Abnoudy was active […]


(2024, 84m) dir Mark Atkins w/Vernon Wells, Lindsay Marie Wilson, Daniel Collins. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two sisters leave their stronghold to save their wounded mother. Armed only with a muscle car and limited ammo, they race against time and ruthless raiders to secure life-saving supplies from a distant outpost. FRI 5:00  SAT-THU 1:00   […]

Showings: May. 17 5:00, May. 18 1:00, May. 19 1:00, May. 20 1:00, May. 21 1:00, May. 22 1:00, May. 23 1:00


(1961, DCP, 77m, Spanish w/English subtitles) dirs Joselito Rodríguez, Enrique Zambrano w/El Santo, Joaquín Cordero, Gina Romand. Santo’s first cinematic appearance sees him working with the police to track down drug smugglers. Shot in Cuba immediately before the revolution, the film was wildly successful. New Restoration! FRI 7:00 SAT 8:45 SUN 3:00

Showings: May. 24 7:00, May. 25 8:45, May. 26 3:00


(1968, DCP, 80m, Spanish w/English subtitles) dir René Cardona w/Maura Monti, Roberto Cañedo, Héctor Godoy. A mad scientist is nabbing wrestlers for their spinal fluid to create a race of Gill Men. The cops call Batwoman to investigate. Working from a decade of Santo films, and landing on the heels of Adam West’s Batman, The […]

Showings: May. 24 8:45, May. 25 7:00, May. 26 4:45


(1982, DCP, 129m) dir Sidney Lumet w/Charlotte Rampling, Paul Newman, Jack Warden, James Mason. Frank Galvin (Newman), a promising lawyer turned ambulance-chasing alcoholic, takes on a medical malpractice case. Newman and Rampling are startlingly great as they woo and spar under Lumet’s direction. SUN 6:30 MON/TUE 7:00 9:30 Promotional support provided by KFAI. Learn about supporting […]

Showings: May. 26 6:30, May. 27 7:00, 9:30, May. 28 7:00, 9:30


(2018, 75m, Spanish w/English subtitles) dirs Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León w/Amalia Kassai, Rainer Krause. A young girl dodges punishment and escapes from a cult—loosely based on the secretive Colonia Dignidad—by running into the woods, only to find a dreamlike world darker than the home she escaped. The Wolf House is an impressive, disturbing, and complex […]

Showings: May. 31 7:00, 8:45, Jun. 1 7:00, 8:45, Jun. 2 3:00, 4:45


(1958, 111m, 1998 reconstructed version) dir Orson Welles w/Charlton Heston, Orson Welles, Janet Leigh. Mexican narcotics officer Mike Vargas (Heston) must interrupt his honeymoon with his new American wife, Susan, (Leigh) after a bomb planted on the Mexican side of the border explodes on the US side. Famous for its startling three-minute-plus opening shot, Touch […]

Showings: Jun. 2 6:45, Jun. 3 7:00, 9:15, Jun. 4 7:00, 9:15


Join Tape Freaks as they present movies they love to audiences who don’t know what they’re in for until the title hits the screen! Shows are at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Tickets are $5. For more details, check out 7:00 $5


(1982, 55m) dir Digger Kohler w/ Jim Turner. A locally produced comedy featurette about a preacher who upsets his church board by urging his flock to turn off their television sets. Fired from his position, the disturbed preacher embarks on a pilgrimage across the prairies where he and his disciples pursue a futile campaign to […]

SAHARA in 35mm

(1943, 97m) dir Zoltan Korda w/Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Bennett, J. Carrol Naish. Following the fall of port city Tobruk, the tank crew of the Lulubelle are in full retreat. With the Nazis on their tail, they pick up a motley crew of survivors. Without a digital restoration and rarely screened, Sahara deserves its time in […]

Showings: Jun. 7 7:00, Jun. 8 9:00, Jun. 9 3:00


(1943, 96m) dir Billy Wilder w/Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, Akim Tamiroff, Erich von Stroheim. Cpl. John J. Bramble (Tone) is the lone survivor of a tank division decimated by Rommel’s forces on the Egyptian border. To survive, he must pose as a waiter in a hotel the Nazis have commandeered. Five Graves is cleverly plotted […]

Showings: Jun. 7 9:00, Jun. 8 7:00, Jun. 9 5:00


(1992, 124m) dir Robert Altman w/Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward, and everyone else. Griffin Mill (Robbins) is a young studio executive lacking a moral compass. He finds himself caught up in an accidental murder, which would fit right in with the movie scripts he reviews. The Player is wonderfully clever, full of Hollywood in-jokes, […]

Showings: Jun. 9 7:00, Jun. 10 7:00, 9:30, Jun. 11 7:00, 9:30


(2023, United Kingdom, DCP, 101m) dir Janis Pugh. A film of love, loss and music set amongst the falling feathers of a chicken factory. Set in present day industrial North Wales, Helen spends her nights packing chickens and her days caring for a dying mother-figure Gwen. Helen’s world takes an unexpected turn with the return […]


(1993, 124m) dir Nancy Savoca w/Lili Taylor, Vincent D’Onofrio, Tracey Ullman. Joseph Santangelo (D’Onofrio) is a butcher who “wins” his wife, Catherine, (Ullman) in a pinochle game. Their daughter, Teresa, (Taylor) is later possessed by the devout spirit of her grandmother. Savoca’s film is delightful, imaginative, and deeply strange. New Restoration! FRI/SAT 7:00 9:15 SUN […]

Showings: Jun. 14 7:00, 9:15, Jun. 15 7:00, 9:15, Jun. 16 3:00, 5:15

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