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(1982, DCP, 118m) dir Don Coscarelli w/Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn. Dar (Singer), gifted with the ability to speak to animals, is hunted by Maax (Torn), a cultist priest. Maax kills Dar’s adoptive father and all the people in Dar’s village. In search of vengeance, Dar befriends two ferrets, an eagle, and a tiger […]

Showings: Apr. 12 9:30, Apr. 13 7:00, Apr. 14 5:30


Tickets for the May 18th 1980s Action Extravaganza will be available on Saturday, April 13, at 10 a.m., in person only, at the Trylon Cinema. Tickets are $40 each, for this four film marathon (three 35mm prints and one digital screening). There is a limit of four tickets per person, and credit cards will be […]


(1946, DCP, 102m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains. Sent deep undercover to seduce a likely Nazi conspirator (Rains) in Brazil, Alicia Huberman (Bergman) must balance her patriotic duties with her attraction to her superior, agent T. R. Devlin (Grant). Clues are unearthed, suspicions grow, and a deadly game of deceit ensues. […]

Showings: Apr. 14 8:00, Apr. 15 7:00, 9:00, Apr. 16 7:00, 9:00


(2007, DVD, 82m) dir Doris Wishman. A shy high school senior finds a magic locket that allows her to trade one physical feature with anyone she murders. This was the legendary Doris Wishman’s final film (at nearly 90 years old!) and features cameos from The B-52’s frontman Fred Schneider, John Waters, and scream queen Linnea […]


(1954, DCP, 105m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Grace Kelly, Ray Milland, Robert Cummings. Spoiled tennis player Tony Wendice (Milland) is jealous that his lovely wife, Margot (Kelly), is having an affair. To make matters worse, she’s the one with money, so divorce is a really bad idea. What seems like a good idea is to entice […]


(1981, DCP, 109m) dir Matthew Robbins w/Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke, Ralph Richardson. A 400-year-old dragon, Vermithrax Pejorative, is held at bay from terrorizing a kingdom with a biannual virgin sacrifice. Against the orders of the king, a band of adventurers seeks the aid of an old wizard. With fabulous special effects, a partially unused score […]

Showings: Apr. 19 7:00, 9:15, Apr. 20 7:00, 9:15, Apr. 21 3:00, 5:15


(1950, DCP, 110m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman, Richard Todd. When Jonathan Cooper (Todd) is suspected of homicide, he seeks refuge with his actress friend, Eve Gill (Wyman). This first-rate thriller pits Dietrich against Wyman in a black comedy of murder and suspense. At the Trylon! SUN 7:30 MON/TUE 7:00 9:15

Showings: Apr. 21 7:30, Apr. 22 7:00, 9:15, Apr. 23 7:00, 9:15


Once per quarter, we present a Trylon Club members only secret screening. The film is a secret until it appears on screen. This time around it’s a crowd-pleaser featuring the clashing of swords and the conjuring of ancient magic. Tickets (one per member) are free for Trylon Club members with active subscriptions as of [month and date], on a […]


(2023, 113m, Latvian with English subtitles) dir Ināra Kolmane w/Maija Doveika, Elīna Vaska, Rūta Kronberga, Indra Briķe, Inga Tropa. Based on bestseller book “Soviet Milk” (“Mātes piens”) by renown Latvian writer Nora Ikstena. Book has been published in more than 20 countries. After the movie there will be an opportunity to meet with Ināra Kolmane […]


(1959, DCP, 136m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason. Charming ad man Roger O. Thornhill (Grant) must run for his life when a criminal organization mistakes him for an American spy. While managing to avoid successive attempts on his life, one involving a crop-dusting, gun-toting plane in the middle of Indiana, […]


(1985, 35mm, 89m) dir Ridley Scott w/Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry. The demon Darkness (Curry) seeks to create eternal night by destroying the last of the unicorns and marrying a fairy princess. Only Jack (Cruise), a boy sworn to protect the unicorns and the forest, stands in his way. Scott’s exquisite style, an iconic […]

Showings: Apr. 26 7:00, 9:00, Apr. 27 7:00, 9:00, Apr. 28 3:00, 5:00


(1955, DCP, 99m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine, Edmund Gwenn. Unsuccessful in its day, this black comedy about a group of hapless small-town folk hiding a body is now considered a classic—and years ahead of its time. At the Trylon! SUN 7:00 MON/TUE 7:00 9:00

Showings: Apr. 28 7:00, Apr. 29 7:00, 9:00, Apr. 30 7:00, 9:00


Join Tape Freaks as they present movies they love to audiences who don’t know what they’re in for until the title hits the screen! Shows are at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Tickets are $5. For more details, check out 7:00 $5


(1926, 35mm, 95m) dir King Vidor w/Lillian Gish, John Gilbert, Renée Adorée. In the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 1830s, seamstress Mimi (Gish) and playwright Rodolphe (Gilbert) are unable to pay the rent. Brought together by their struggles, Mimi and Rodolphe share a tenuous love. Trylon discount cards will be accepted at the door […]


(1972, DCP, 116m) dir Alfred Hitchcock w/Jon Finch, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Barry Foster. When hot-tempered bartender Richard (Finch) loses his job, he mopes around London, eventually visiting his ex-wife to cadge a tenner. The visit turns sour, they argue, and he storms away. Soon after, she’s visited by the gruesome Necktie Murderer, who leaves her dead—and […]


(1940, 35mm, 124m) dirs James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe Jr. w/Mickey Mouse, The Philadelphia Orchestra. Disney’s extraordinary technical achievement is a stunning symphony of light and sound that comprises eight pieces conducted by the great Leopold Stokowski. Eschewing the regular narrative formula, Fantasia is a marvel of experimental animation. These screenings are presented in […]

Showings: May. 3 7:00, 9:30, May. 4 7:00, 9:30, May. 5 3:00, 5:30


(1974, DCP, 118m, English & German w/English subtitles) dir Liliana Cavani w/Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, Philippe Leroy, Isa Miranda. Lucia (Rampling), a concentration camp survivor, recognizes her tormentor, Max (Bogarde), an ex-SS officer now working as a porter, and rekindles their sadomasochistic relationship. Night Porter is a brilliant but bleak and unsettling character study. SUN […]

Showings: May. 5 8:00, May. 6 7:00, 9:15, May. 7 7:00, 9:15


(2022, USA, DCP, 92m) dir Vera Drew. This revolutionary DIY parody film and hilarious reimagining of the classic autobiographical coming-of-age story follows an unconfident, closeted trans girl as she moves to Gotham City to make it big as a comedian by joining the cast of UCB Live – a government-sanctioned late night sketch show in […]

Showings: May. 8 7:00, 9:15, May. 9 7:00, 9:15


(1971, DCP, 90m) dir Herbert Ross w/Candice Bergen, Peter Boyle, James Caan. Leaving her small, lonely Ohio town in the middle of the night, the droll T. R. (Bergen) finds herself, or rather loses and then tries to refind herself, in the emotionally desolate big city of Chicago. New Restoration!  FRI 7:00 SAT 9:15 SUN […]

Showings: May. 10 7:00, May. 11 9:15, May. 12 3:00


(1977, DCP, 111m) dir Herbert Ross w/Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Quinn Cummings. Paula (Mason) and her daughter, Lucy (Cummings), are all set for Los Angeles but get dumped and left behind. Their current apartment has already been sublet to eccentric actor Elliot (Dreyfuss). After making the somewhat forced decision to become roommates, the three clash […]

Showings: May. 10 9:00, May. 11 7:00, May. 12 5:00


(1974, DCP, 105m) dir John Boorman w/Charlotte Rampling, Sean Connery, Sara Kestelman. “The gun is good! The penis is evil!” So says Zardoz, the flying stone-headed god worshiped by the Brutals and the Exterminators alike in the postapocalyptic twenty-third century. After infiltrating jaded immortals, Exterminator Zed (Connery) learns the secret of Zardoz and promises to […]

Showings: May. 12 7:30, May. 13 7:00, 9:15, May. 14 7:00, 9:15


(1994, DVD, 83m) dir Reginald Hudlin, Warrington Hudlin and Kevin Rodney Sullivan. From the creators of House Party and Boomerang, Reginald and Warrington Hudlin take you on a journey with host George Clinton to a place where alternate realities exist. America offers wealth and prosperity in exchange for all Black people. A sacred statue comes […]


(1960, Mexico, 91m, Spanish with English subtitles) dir Roberto Gavaldón w/ Ignacio López Tarso, Pina Pellicer, Enrique Lucero. Macario is a woodcutter so tired of sacrificing his meager portions that he goes on a hunger strike, announcing he will never eat again until he can devour a roast turkey all by himself. His wife, a […]


(2024, 84m) dir Mark Atkins w/Vernon Wells, Lindsay Marie Wilson, Daniel Collins. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two sisters leave their stronghold to save their wounded mother. Armed only with a muscle car and limited ammo, they race against time and ruthless raiders to secure life-saving supplies from a distant outpost. FRI 5:00  SAT-THU 1:00   […]

Showings: May. 17 5:00, May. 18 1:00, May. 19 1:00, May. 20 1:00, May. 21 1:00, May. 22 1:00, May. 23 1:00

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