October at the Trylon

Bleeding out of the slasher-crazed, materialistic 1980s, the horror of the 1990s recontextualized and meta-textualized the genre with ennui and paranoia. These films burrowed into the brains of the inhabitants of a post–Cold War world by diving into the threats of racial violence, cults, and serial murderers.

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(1992, 35mm, 99m) dir Bernard Rose w/Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Xander Berkeley. Speak his name five times into a mirror and he shall appear. Helen (Madsen) is an academic exploring stories of a hook-handed murderer in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green. One of the best, and only, films of the 1990s to effectively explore the effects of lynching […]

Showings: Oct. 1 7:30, Oct. 2 7:00, 9:15, Oct. 3 7:00, 9:15


(1996, DCP, 111m) dir Wes Craven w/Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette. A killer named Ghostface is terrorizing a group of teens armed with phones and horror movie knowledge in the small town of Woodsboro. Playing on the rise of horror movie fandom, Wes Craven’s massive box office success revitalized the slasher genre. FRI 7:00 […]

Showings: Oct. 6 7:00, Oct. 7 9:30, Oct. 8 3:00


(1997, DCP, 120m) dir Wes Craven w/Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette. As Sidney (Campbell) moves on to college, a new Ghostface arrives to wreak havoc on the lives of survivors of the Woodsboro killings. Luckily for Ghostface they’re all in one place. FRI 9:15 SAT 7:00 SUN 5:15 You Know We Had to Do […]

Showings: Oct. 6 9:15, Oct. 7 7:00, Oct. 8 5:15


(1997, 35mm, 111m, Japanese w/English subtitles) dir Kiyoshi Kurosawa w/Masato Hagiwara, Kôji Yakusho, Tsuyoshi Ujiki. A series of grisly murders has Detective Takabe (Yakusho) exploring the strange world of mesmerism and suggestion. The further he probes, the more concerned he grows over the manipulations of a mysterious man at the center of his investigation. SUN […]

Showings: Oct. 8 7:45, Oct. 9 7:00, 9:15, Oct. 10 7:00, 9:15


(1988, DCP, 106m, Dutch and French w/English subtitles) dir George Sluizer w/Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Gene Bervoets, Johanna ter Steege. After his partner goes missing at a rest stop, Rex (Bervoets) searches for answers to her disappearance for years. The kidnapper lives out his days with quiet satisfaction until he’s compelled to finally meet Rex. SUN 5:00 […]

Showings: Oct. 15 5:00, 7:00, Oct. 16 7:00, 9:00, Oct. 17 7:00, 9:00


(1992, DCP, 128m) dir Francis Ford Coppola w/Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves. Jonathan Harker (Reeves) is tasked with visiting his client Count Dracula (Oldman) in Transylvania to arrange a relocation to London. Brilliant practical effects, outstanding costumes, and elaborate sets make Coppola’s version stand out among other tellings of this classic gothic tale. New […]

Showings: Oct. 20 7:00, 9:30, Oct. 21 7:00, 9:30, Oct. 22 3:00, 5:30


(1999, DCP, 81m) dir Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez w/Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard. Three film students travel into a Maryland forest to create a documentary on the Blair Witch, never to be seen or heard from again. A year later, footage from their documentary is found. SUN 8:15 MON/TUE 7:00 8:45 Promotional support […]

Showings: Oct. 22 8:15, Oct. 23 7:00, 8:45, Oct. 24 7:00, 8:45


(1991, DCP, 118m) dir Jonathan Demme w/Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn. Decades later, there’s still comfort in not knowing what fava beans taste like. Hannibal (Hopkins) is all too happy to suggest pairings for human liver while Clarice (Foster) and the FBI request his help to track down serial killer Buffalo Bill. FRI/SAT 7:00 […]

Showings: Oct. 27 7:00, 9:30, Oct. 28 7:00, 9:30, Oct. 29 3:00

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