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August 4-6 at the Trylon

Director Gordon Parks and actor Richard Roundtree, supported by an incredible Isaac Hayes soundtrack, changed cinema when they introduced the smooth-talking, cool, bad motherf—(shut your mouth). We’re talking about Shaft, and you can dig it.


(1971, DCP, 100m) dir Gordon Parks w/Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, Charles Cioffi. Black private detective John Shaft (Roundtree) must find a Harlem mobster’s missing daughter before the city gets embroiled in a gang war. New Restoration! For Perisphere, Chelli Riddiough investigates what makes Shaft‘s character so iconic, and Azra Thakur takes a look at the legendary […]

Showings: Aug. 4 7:00, Aug. 5 9:15, Aug. 6 3:00


(1972, DCP, 104m) dir Gordon Parks w/Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, Drew Bundini Brown. The “cat that won’t cop out” is back, this time searching for his friend Carl’s murderer and the 250–grand score that got him killed. Even cooler than the original, Shaft’s Big Score allowed Parks to craft an epic action finale. FRI 9:15 […]

Showings: Aug. 4 9:15, Aug. 5 7:00, Aug. 6 5:15

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