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Rental programs are not selected by Trylon programming staff, and views expressed by the rental party and/or the rental party’s film content do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the Trylon Cinema.

The Trylon Cinema is available for rental on most Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday afternoons before 6pm. Learn more at trylon.org/rent-the-trylon.


(1982, 55m) dir Digger Kohler w/ Jim Turner. A locally produced comedy featurette about a preacher who upsets his church board by urging his flock to turn off their television sets. Fired from his position, the disturbed preacher embarks on a pilgrimage across the prairies where he and his disciples pursue a futile campaign to […]


(2024, 40m) dir Louie LaFleur w/Mallory Helmerick, Londe Richardson, Niko Waryan, Louie LaFleur. After she is informed of a secret will, Val returns to her childhood home following the death of her estranged mother. THU 7:00  SAT 5:00 $8  

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