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The Trylon presents special screenings and events as well as films that don’t quite have a home in larger series.

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Upcoming Films in this Series

Starts Fri, March 13


(1976, DCP, 123m, French w/English subtitles) dir Joseph Losey w/Alain Delon, Jeanne Moreau, Francine Bergé. Art dealer Robert Klein (Delon) pursues a lavish lifestyle while taking advantage of Jews who are fleeing Nazi-occupied Paris—until a Jewish newspaper arrives at his door, linking him with a mysterious doppelganger. FRI/SAT 7:00 9:30 SUN 3:00 5:30

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Sat, March 28


(35mm/16mm/DCP, All. Damn. Night.) For the past three years, the Trylon has gone all night long with the Cult Film Collective to bring you programs of rare horror-film prints and new restorations. We’re coming to get you again, in 16mm and 35mm! Those who stay to the bitter end will receive a limited-edition button and screenprinted poster designed by the freaks behind Tape Freaks. Promotional support is provided by Trash Film Debauchery. 7:00, $50.

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Starts Fri, April 3


(1981, DCP, 81m, Hungarian w/ English subtitles) dir Marcell Jankovics w/György Cserhalmi, Vera Pap, Gyula Szabó. A dazzling white mare goddess gives birth to three brothers, who must save the universe. This animated film is a swirling, psychedelic maelstrom of monsters and heroes, finally available in the States nearly 40 years after its release. FRI/SAT 7:00 8:45 SUN 3:00 4:45

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Starts Fri, April 10


(1974, 35mm, 113m) dir Francis Ford Coppola w/Gene Hackman, John Cazale, Allen Garfield. Harry Caul (Hackman), a surveillance expert, happens to record a private discussion that might get someone killed. Made two years after the Watergate break-in, The Conversation is a masterwork of power, snooping, and corruption that is every bit as biting now as it was then. FRI/SAT 7:00 9:15 SUN 3:00 5:15 These screenings are presented in partnership with the Cult Film Collective.

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Past Films in this Series

Starts Thu, September 12


Five films, five musicians, one night, one theater.   The Trylon Cinema and Syncopated Silents present the first BUSTER KEATON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, five short films with five individual musicians accompanying each. From piano to guitar to 23 string banjo, this is going to be a night of incredible music played before some of the craziest Keaton shorts imaginable.   Once called "the high and lonesome cosmic hobo", Paul Metzger opens our show accompanying "The Frozen North"on his 23 string modified banjo harp.…

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Starts Sat, September 21


This little movie sanctuary has thrived because of the dedication of our volunteers and the loyalty of our wonderful audiences. From our beginnings—building the Trylon Cinema from the ground up in an empty Longfellow neighborhood warehouse—to our major 2017 expansion and renovation, we’ve continued to grow. We’re springing into the future with—what else?—a full day of movies. We will screen five films, all on rare 35mm prints or new restorations. Tickets are $10 per film, $40 for the full ten…

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Starts Wed, October 30


(1977, 35mm, 88m, Japanese w/English subtitles) dir Nobuhiko Ôbayashi w/Kimiko Ikegami, Miki Jinbo, Kumiko Ohba. This cult masterpiece, comprised of bizarre set pieces, subtle humor, and surreal deaths, still feels fresh today, 42 years after it was released. Come join us for this Trylon Halloween tradition—for the first or the 21st time. 7:00 9:00

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Starts Fri, November 1


(1973, 35mm, 102m) dir Robert Clouse w/Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly, John Saxon, Kien Shih. When a drug kingpin (Shih) hosts a martial arts tournament, Lee (Lee) is sent in undercover to investigate. Enter the Dragon made Bruce Lee an international star, inspired countless films and video games, and still stands as one of the great martial arts films. Don’t miss the rare chance to see this classic in 35mm. These screenings are presented in partnership with the Cult Film Collective. …

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Starts Fri, November 22


(1998, 35mm, 122m) dir John Frankenheimer w/Robert De Niro, Sean Bean, Jean Reno. This late Frankenheimer gem puts U.S. intelligence agent Sam (De Niro) in the crosshairs of both the Russians and the Irish as the double-crosses pile atop one another. A return to form for the director, this gritty espionage actioner boasts one of cinema’s most stunning car chases. FRI/SAT 7:00 SUN 3:00

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Starts Fri, November 22


(1997, 35mm, 93m) dir Hark Tsui w/Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Rourke. Van Damme and Rodman team up in this . . . you know what? Who cares! We get to see Van Damme fight a tiger, and the absurd climax unfolds at the, um, “Colosseum.”  FRI/SAT 9:30 SUN 5:30

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Starts Fri, November 29


(1973, DCP, 106m) dir Jack Hazan w/David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger, Celia Birtwell. After his lover leaves him, British artist David Hockney is unable to paint. He sinks into depression, only to find new inspiration in his swimming pool. Once dismissed for its gay content and its blurring of fact and fiction, A Bigger Splash is ready for reevaluation. FRI 7:00 SAT 7:00 9:15 SUN 3:00 5:15

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Starts Fri, November 29


What could be better than staying up all night at the Trylon watching movies about staying up all night? Join us for five feature films in genres including comedy and adventure, exploitation and romance. Titles will be revealed when the movies start. Screenings begin at 9 p.m. and run until dawn. Rare 35mm prints, the company of other nocturnal weirdos, and plentiful amounts of popcorn await! FRI 9:00 $40

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Starts Sun, December 22


Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1961, 35mm, 77m) dir Allen Barron w/Allen Barron, Larry Tucker. This smoke-stained Christmas card about a depressed hit man prowling New York is as bleak as they come. Frankie Bono is in from Cleveland to deliver a hit, and spends his time brooding over past traumas while stalking his prey, and ends up at Christmas gathering that upends his determination. Torn between finally living a life of meagre emotional connection and his commitment to…

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Starts Tue, December 31


(1939, 35mm, 110m, French with English subtitles) dir Jean Renoir w/Nora Gregor, Marcel Dalio, Mila Parély. A scathing critique of bourgeois manners, The Rules of the Game was the costliest French film made up to that time. A critical and box office disaster when first released, it is now considered one of the finest films ever made. It’s also ideal for putting New Year’s parties into context. TUE 7:00 WED 2:00 4:30

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Starts Fri, January 31


(1997, 35mm, 89m) dir Harmony Korine w/Nick Sutton, Jacob Reynolds, Chloë Sevigny. Witness the doing-nothing routines of bored youths in tornado-stricken Xenia, Ohio. Shot in various formats and riddled with venomous acts, Gummo is not for the faint of heart. Read more at Perisphere. FRI/SAT 7:00 9:00 SUN 3:00 5:00

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Starts Fri, February 14


(1951, DCP, 79m) dir Robert Parrish w/Dick Powell, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Erdman. Five years into Rocky’s (Powell) jail term, a man turns up to provide an alibi. But the man is lying, hoping to score a share of the money Rocky didn't steal in the first place. Now he has to find the real culprit before it's too late. FRI/SAT 7:00 8:45 SUN 3:00 4:45

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Starts Fri, February 21


(1981, 35mm, 72m) dir Edo Bertoglio w/Jean Michel Basquiat, John Lurie. Revisit the bygone grit and wild style of New York City’s early 1980s avant-garde art and music scenes. This rarely screened gem visits the Trylon in a brand-new 35mm print. Read more at Perisphere. FRI/SAT 7:00 8:45 SUN 3:00 4:30

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