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February 23-25 at the Trylon

Beauty. Brains. Bombs? The turn of the century was killer, and these beauty queens are armed and dangerous. Grab your tiaras, perfect your talents, and head to the Trylon for a biting double feature of pageant mayhem.


(1999, DCP, 97m) dir Michael Patrick Jann w/Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley. Every girl in Mount Rose, Minnesota, is getting ready for the Sarah Rose Cosmetics American Teen Princess Pageant. They better keep their wits about them. Otherwise, they’re going to drop dead. FRI 7:00 SAT 9:15 SUN 3:00

Showings: Feb. 23 7:00, Feb. 24 9:15, Feb. 25 3:00


(2000, DCP, 109m) dir Donald Petrie w/Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Benjamin Bratt. She’s got poise, style, and a gun strapped to her thigh. She is Miss New Jersey, aka FBI agent Gracie Hart (Bullock), who has gone undercover to protect her fellow beauty queens from a bomb plot. FRI 9:00 SAT 7:00 SUN 5:00

Showings: Feb. 23 9:00, Feb. 24 7:00, Feb. 25 5:00

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