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Quarterly at the Trylon

The Mizna Film Series is a selection of Southwest Asian/North African (SWANA) film programming curated by Mizna, a Saint Paul-based, Arab American arts nonprofit that publishes a biannual literary journal and presents the annual Twin Cities Arab Film Festival. The Mizna Film Series expands Mizna’s regular programming to include classic, contemporary, and repertory works from and connected to the SWANA region. The series offers documentary, narrative, and non-narrative filmmaking practices as well as newsreel, reportage, and archival works. Ticket prices vary.

Learn more about Mizna at mizna.org.


Filmmaker Azza El-Hassan founded the Void Project in 2018 to explore the presence and absence of visual archives in wartime narratives. The project focuses on restoring and reimagining existing and lost films. The examples in this series focus specifically on visualizing Palestine. To learn more about the Void Project, visit https://www.thevoidproject.org/. JERUSALEM, FLOWER OF ALL […]

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