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From Galileo to Jules Verne, humanity has been preoccupied with its place among the stars. Two landmark 20th-century technological breakthroughs, space travel and cinema, have been linked from film’s earliest days through Neil Armstrong’s small steps on the Moon and beyond. From camp to high art, movies set in space capture our sense of adventure, drive us mad, and terrify us. Join us this summer as the Trylon proudly presents its most ambitious program to date, a four-part, 25-film series celebrating journeys both real and imagined into the vastness of outer space.

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Past Films in this Series

Starts Sun, June 2


(1956, 35mm, 98m) dir Fred M. Wilcox w/Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen. In this landmark Technicolor science fiction film, a recon unit is sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to determine the fate of a prior expedition. They find the sole survivors under siege by mysterious forces. Featuring the spaced-out, first-ever all-electronic score by Bebe and Louis Barron. SUN 7:15 MON/TUES 7:00 9:00

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Starts Sun, June 9


(1980, 35mm, 111m) dir Mike Hodges w/Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow. Featuring a stellar Queen soundtrack, this space romp—based on the 1930s Saturday-matinee serial—tells the tale of a star New York football player (Jones) who finds himself at the center of an intergalactic melodrama involving a dastardly emperor (von Sydow), his lusty daughter, and her jealous lover. SUN 7:45 MON/TUES 7:00 9:15

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Starts Sun, June 16


(1964, DCP, 110m) dir Byron Haskin w/Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin, Adam West. Marooned on Mars following a fraught journey, Commander “Kit” Draper (Mantee) finds himself fighting for survival with his monkey, Mona, as his only companion. Discovering he isn’t alone, he must think fast in order to escape a planet freighted with dangers. SUN 8:00 MON/TUES 7:00 9:15

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Starts Sun, June 23


(1997, 35mm, 126m) dir Luc Besson w/Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman. Leeloo (Jovovich) is Earth’s only hope against the ancient Evil, some aliens called Mangalores, and the cruel Zorg (Oldman). Besson’s colorful sci-fi opera is like an action-filled, pulpy comic book come to life. SUN 7:00 MON/TUES 7:00 9:30

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Starts Sun, June 30


(2009, 35mm, 97m) dir Duncan Jones w/Sam Rockwell, Dominique McElligott, Kevin Spacey. Working stiff Sam Bell (Rockwell) keeps a lonely vigil on the far side of the Moon, tending automated equipment for a big corporation. But a series of strange events make him question how much of what he’s been told is true–including his own identity. SUN 7:15 MON/TUES 7:00 9:00

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Starts Sun, July 7


(1971, DCP, 167m, Russian w/ English subtitles) dir Andrei Tarkovsky w/Donatas Banionis, Natalya Bondarchuk, Jüri Järvet. When scientists orbiting the distant planet Solaris are troubled by apparitions from the past, a psychologist is sent to investigate. Tarkovsky’s hallucinogenic wonder is essential cinema. SUN/MON/TUES 7:00

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Starts Fri, July 12


(1972, 35mm, 89m) dir Douglas Trumbull w/Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin. Freeman Lowell (Dern) is tasked with preserving Earth’s forests, which have been reduced to a museum relic aboard his spacecraft. Then, Earth’s government orders their destruction. Helmed by special-effects master Trumbull (2001, Blade Runner), Silent Running is an astounding work of 1970s cinema. This screening is presented in partnership with The Cult Film Collective. FRI 7:00 SAT 9:00 SUN 3:00

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Starts Fri, July 12


(1968, 35mm, 98m) dir Roger Vadim w/Jane Fonda, Anita Pallenberg, Milo O’Shea. Forty-first-century space adventurer Barbarella (Fonda) embarks on a journey of preservation and sexual discovery in this iconic high-camp adventure based on the Jean-Claude Forest comics series. Presented on a rare IB Tech 35mm print, courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive. This screening is presented in partnership with The Cult Film Collective. FRI 9:00 SAT 7:00 SUN 5:00

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Starts Sun, July 14


(1963, DCP, 88m, Czech w/ English subtitles) dir Jindrich Polák w/Zdenek Stepánek, Frantisek Smolik, Dana Medrická. The crew of the first interstellar spacecraft fends off numerous perils en route to a mysterious planet where intelligent life might exist. Originally released in the U.S. as Voyage to the End of the Universe (with all its criticisms of capitalism removed), this stylish Czech thriller, which influenced both 2001 and Star Trek, is finally available uncensored. Promotional support for these screenings is provided…

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Starts Fri, July 19


(1924, DCP, 111m) dir Yakov Protazanov w/Yuliya Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Tsereteli. Los (Tsereteli) is a disillusioned and jealous husband who dreams of a proletarian Martian uprising led by Aelita. This, the Soviet Union’s earliest science fiction film, prefigured that nation’s preoccupation with the solar system—and the space race—by three decades. Digital scanning and restoration by The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. Live musical accompaniment by The Poor Nobodys. FRI/SAT 7:00 SUN 3:00 5:30 $12

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Starts Sun, July 21


(2007, DCP, 107m) dir Danny Boyle w/Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans. In 2057 the Sun is dying, and an international team of astronauts goes on a desperate mission to reignite its core. SUN 8:00 MON/TUES 7:00 9:15

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Starts Mon, July 22


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1968, 70mm, 149m) dir Stanley Kubrick w/Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, Douglas Rain. Hal 9000 (Rain)  refuses to open the pod-bay doors in Kubrick’s visually dazzling voyage from our apelike ancestry to the ends of the universe. This special presentation is an “unrestored” 70mm print made from the original negative in 2018. MON SOLD OUT! TUE $12 7:30

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Starts Fri, July 26


(1989, DCP, 80m) dir Al Reinert w/Jim Lovell, Ken Mattingly, Michael Collins. This extraordinary up-close look at NASA’s 1960s Moon-landing program was shot and narrated by the astronauts who flew the Apollo missions. Brian Eno’s original score infuses the archival footage compiled by director Reinert with elation and wonder. FRI/SAT 7:00 8:45 SUN 3:00 4:45

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Starts Sun, July 28


(1974, DCP, 85m) dir John Coney w/Sun Ra, Barbara Deloney, Raymond Johnson. Sun Ra’s Afro-futurist jazz oddity begins when his spaceship lands in Oakland after 30 years off-planet. He preaches the gospel of peace and freedom, hoping to convince African Americans that their only hope lies in outer space. SUN 6:30 MON/TUES 7:00 8:45

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Starts Fri, August 2


(1979, DCP, 116m) dir Ridley Scott w/Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton. When a space freighter helmed by Sgt. Ellen Ripley (Weaver) fields a distress call on a desolate moon, a malevolent lifeform attaches itself to one of the crewmates. Scott’s meticulously paced and brilliantly designed horror flick gave life to one of the movies’ strongest female protagonists. FRI/SAT 7:00 9:30 SUN 3:00 5:30

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Starts Sun, August 4


(1986, DCP, 137m) dir James Cameron w/Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn. Ripley (Weaver) is rescued from a 57-year hypersleep, only to return to the same moon she escaped from. Tough luck for those alien bastards. Cameron spun the space horror of Alien into an action franchise, cementing Ripley as a cinematic icon. SUN 8:00 MON/TUES 7:00 9:30  

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Starts Fri, August 9


(1965, DCP, 86m) dir Mario Bava w/Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell, Ángel Aranda. After a team of astronauts lands on the planet Aura, they begin violently and inexplicably attacking one another. This frighteningly atmospheric art film influenced Alien and every space-horror movie that followed it. FRI/SAT 7:00 SUN 3:00

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Starts Fri, August 9


(1982, DCP, 77m) dir Allan Holzman w/Jesse Vint, Dawn Dunlap, June Chadwick. This Roger Corman-produced horror “cheapy” is an obvious Alien ripoff that revels in its gratuitous gore and nudity. Rarely screened yet highly watchable, it boasts Susan Justin’s excellent new-wave synth score. FRI/SAT 9:00 SUN 5:00

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Starts Sun, August 11


(1985, 35mm, 116m) dir Tobe Hooper w/Mathilda May, Steve Railsback, Peter Firth. When a space shuttle is sent to investigate Halley’s comet, its crew rescues three humanoid creatures from an alien craft. The creatures escape to Earth, spawning a horde of zombies. The superior European cut of this film is presented on a rare 35mm print. SUN 7:00 MON/TUES 7:00 9:30

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Starts Fri, August 16


(1958, 35mm, 69m) dir Edward L. Cahn w/Marshall Thompson, Shirley Patterson, Kim Spalding. When an expedition to Mars ends in catastrophe, a rescue crew is sent up. They find one survivor, who claims that his team was wiped out by an unknown life-form—now stowed away for the trip back to Earth! This standout B picture is a favorite of Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon and director John Carpenter. Read more at Perisphere. FRI/SAT 7:00 SUN 3:00

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Starts Fri, August 16


(1997, DCP, 96m) dir Paul W. S. Anderson w/Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan. When the spaceship Event Horizon returns after having disappeared on its maiden voyage seven years earlier, the investigation team finds that the vessel has traveled somewhere evil. Read more at Perisphere. FRI/SAT 8:30 SUN 4:30

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Starts Sun, August 18


(1955, 35mm, 82m) dir Val Guest w/Brian Donlevy, Jack Warner, Margia Dean. In this beloved sci-fi classic, a rocket ship comes crashing back to Earth. Only one astronaut remains alive, and he’s violently ill. Professor Bernard Quatermass (Donlevy) must race to find a solution to the creeping unknown! SUN 6:30 MON/TUES 7:00 8:45

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Starts Fri, August 23


(1973, 35mm, 72m, French w/ English subtitles) dir René Laloux w/Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Jean Valmont. On the planet Ygam, blue giants dominate humanoid slaves called Oms, until the Oms discover a way to revolt. A rare 35mm screening of this cult favorite. FRI/SAT 7:00 8:45 SUN 3:00 4:45

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Starts Sun, August 25


(1968, DCP, 90m) dir Kinji Fukasaku w/Robert Horton, Luciana Paluzzi, Richard Jaeckel. When an asteroid threatens Earth, a group of astronauts head out to destroy it and accidentally bring a green substance into the spacecraft with them. A joint Warner Bros.-Toho production, Green Slime is a Godzilla-like mashup of rubber suits and great fun. Read more at Perisphere. SUN 6:30 MON/TUES 7:00 9:00

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