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Wednesday, June 23, 7:00pm

Two short documentaries by Jocelyne Saab shot near the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War and a feature-length documentary by Mai Masri and Jean Chamoun shot toward the end of the war in 1988 will screen this June. Central to these films are the youth of Beirut as they live with and resist imperialist and sectarian forms of violence.

Palestinian Women (1974, DCP, 10m) dir. Jocelyne Saab. In this short film, originally commissioned for French television but never aired, Jocelyne Saab follows Palestinian women in Beirut in the 1970s, at the peak of the Palestinian revolutionary movement. Saab interviews women in refugee camps and at the university as well as during their fida’ee training, and the film offers an intimate look at the Palestinian resistance and its relationship to larger class struggles and feminist movements.

Children of War (1976, DCP, 10m) dir. Jocelyne Saab. Days after the 1976 Karantina massacre, perpetrated by right-wing Christian militias in a Palestinian slum near the port of Beirut, Jocelyne Saab meets a group of children who escaped the carnage. Saab gives the children––many of whom had lost family members in the massacre––crayons and encourages them to draw while she films. While filming, Saab makes a bitter discovery: mirroring what they were witnessing and experiencing in wartime, the only play the children engage in are war games. War games quickly bleed back into life.

War Generation – Beirut (1988, DCP, 50m) dir. Mai Masri & Jean Chamoun. Filmed on the streets of Beirut, War Generation – Beirut is a mesmerizing film that explores the life experiences of young people as they struggle to survive growing up in Lebanon’s capital city, ravaged by thirteen years of war. Featuring interviews with young people as they go about their daily lives, this award-winning documentary traces the nuanced history of Lebanon’s Civil War and the ways of life that have emerged from it.

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7:00 $10

Showing at The Trylon Cinema


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Showing at The Trylon Cinema