TRYLON is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our mission is to cultivate community by screening classic, contemporary, independent and foreign films at multiple venues throughout the Twin Cities.”

We screen six nights a week at the Trylon Cinema, with regular special engagements at the Heights and Riverview theaters.


Barry Kryshka, Director – barry@trylon.org
Nikki Weispfenning, Manager – nikki@trylon.org
John Moret, Programmer – johnm@trylon.org


Adam Loomis, Barry Kryshka, Mark Sherman, Michelle Baroody, Nicole Pamelia, and Nikki Weispfenning.


Adam Loomis, Ann Romine, Ben Kreibich, Ben Manthe, Caitlyn Dibble, Caty Rent, Cuyler Dinegan, Dagmar Haltwhistle, Dave Gomshay, David Berglund, Emma Youndtsmith, Geoffrey Stueven, George Hick, Greg Hunter, Ian Whitney, Jess Minnerath, Kathie Smith, Kelly Krantz, Kim Mancini, L. Kling, Liz Stewart, LM Lopez, Mark Sherman, Matt Levine, Michael Popham, Michelle Baroody, Morgen Ruff, Nicole Pamelia, Olga Tchepikova, Patrick Vehling, Paul Miller, Phil Freshman, River Berens, Shivaun Watchorn, Ted Harwood, Todd Melby, and Vanessa Kaczmarek.


We believe that 35mm film has a warmth and feel that should be part of the moviegoing experience, just like the real butter on our popcorn. The Trylon runs most screenings on its two Century Model SA 35mm projectors; digital features are projected by an NEC model NC-900C DCI-compliant digital projector. We note the format of every screening: 35mm for film, DCP for Hollywood’s digital cinema format, and HD for high-resolution Blu-ray presentations.


Cinema reflects the social and cultural norms of its time. As a repertory theater, we screen films from the history of cinema, some of which include, for example, problematic representations of sexual violence, racial caricatures, and homophobic stereotypes. In other words, our lineup may contain content that is controversial or offensive to today’s audiences. Those who chose to research the content of films before viewing can find information at imdb.com. After searching for the film in question, scroll down to “Parents Guide” which includes information on all kinds of content. Other resources include commonsensemedia.org and doesthedogdie.com. We also encourage audience members to contact us with any questions and concerns. We won’t have all the answers, but are happy to help where we can. Send emails to the address below.



Showtime hotline:
(612) 424-5468

2820 E 33rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406