Rent the Trylon Cinema

Available for public and private screenings.

About the Trylon Cinema

TRYLON’s base of operations, the Trylon Cinema, screens classic films six nights a week. We operate a pair of Century Model SA 35mm projectors with lenses for all film formats, as well as a state of the art NEC 2K DCI-compliant digital projector and 8 channel sound. Our auditorium has 100 seats (installed new in 2017), plus spaces for up to four wheelchairs.

Rental terms

The Trylon is available for rental on Thursday evenings, Saturday afternoons before 7, and Sunday nights after 9. With a limited number of rental slots available we recommend booking reservations well in advance. The rental rate is $160/hour, including staffing.

Rental details

We provide all staff. Online ticket sales can be done by the renter or the Trylon (at a cost of $1 per ticket). Food/beverages can be brought for your event. We offer popcorn/candy ($3) and cans/bottles of soda ($1/$3). Cans, bottles and snacks are allowed in the auditorium, but open plates and cups are allowed only in the entrance area.

Request a rental quote

To request a rental quote, contact Your request should include: your full name, address, phone number, email address, the run time of your program, projection format (DVD, Blu-ray, DCP or 35mm), date requested, ticket price (if any), and any special requests.

Phone: 612-500-8398