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February & March at the Heights Theater

During Hollywood’s golden age, each studio had a distinctive style of filmmaking that moviegoers could count on. Although most studios embraced optimistic stories during World War II and bright Technicolor in its aftermath, RKO embraced the darkness, producing some of the greatest films noir.

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Upcoming Films in this Series

Thu, March 1


  (1949, 35mm, 73m, English with French subtitles) dir Ted Tatzlaff w/Barbara Hale, Bobby Driscoll, Arthur Kennedy. This strange and at times beautiful noir examines the fears of children—here, a boy (Driscoll) whose fanciful lies keep him from being believed after he’s witnessed a murder. Director Tetzlaff learned plenty as a cinematographer for Alfred Hitchcock, crafting a stunning child's-eye view of poverty, deception, and crime. $10 7:30

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Thu, March 8


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1949, 35mm, 73m) dir Robert Wise w/ Robert Ryan & Audrey Totter. A hard-boiled Robert Ryan is never better in Robert Wise's boxing noir The Set-Up. Washed up boxer Bill "Stoker" Thompson (Ryan) is hoping to win a last fight against the up-and-coming Tiger Nelson, so the aged pugilist can start a new life with the $500 purse. But the world seems dead-set against him: from a wife who begs him to quit, to…

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Thu, March 15


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1952, DCP, 110m) dir David Miller w/Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Grahame. Crawford plays a driven playwright, Myra Hudson, who rejects actor Lester Blaine (Palance) for her newest production. The odious Lester seduces Myra and lands the role, to the chagrin of Lester's real love, Irene (Grahame). $10 7:30

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Past Films in this Series

Starts Thu, February 1


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater MURDER, MY SWEET (1944, 35mm, 95m) dir Edward Dmytryk w/Dick Powell, Claire Trevor. Arguably the most faithful adaptation of a Raymond Chandler novel, Murder, My Sweet (based on Farewell, My Lovely) stars Powell as one of the most cynical gumshoes ever portrayed in film. $10 7:30

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Starts Thu, February 8


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1940, 35mm, 64m) dir Boris Engster w/Peter Lorre, Margaret Tallichet, John McGuire. Called “the first true film noir” for its bleak, dreamlike setting and expressionist elements, Stranger on the Third Floor is nearly forgotten today. When an ambitious reporter fingers an innocent cabdriver in a brutal murder, his conscience—and the real killer—begin assaulting his sanity. $10 7:30

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Starts Thu, February 15


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1942, 35mm, 73m) dir Jacques Tourneur w/Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway. When faced with using idiotic cat costumes in his movie about a woman who turns into a killer feline, producer Val Lewton hid the beast in the shadows, capitalizing on our fear of the dark and creating a look and feel for horror/noir hybrids that would influence movies permanently. $10 7:30

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Starts Thu, February 22


A Trylon Roadshow at the Heights Theater (1948, 35mm, 95m) dir Nicholas Ray w/Cathy O’Donnell, Farley Granger, Howard De Silva. This thriller launched Ray's career. The story of a desperate crime spree and the teenage lovers at its center—escaped convict Bowie (Granger) and Keechie (O'Donnell)—was shelved by RKO (then owned by Howard Hughes) until, in 1949, it was released to decent reviews and dismal box office. $10 7:30

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